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Westchester Area, School Information

 New Haven Line
Harrison is a village in Westchester County. Near Harrison Station are plenty of newer rental homes, duplexes, and apartments. Duplexes are extremely common here. Train service is available during rush hour, providing convenient access to and from New York City in approximately 40 mins.
An upscale residential town located along the ocean, Rye is historic and quiet. Real estate is priced at the upper end of the spectrum, but schools are excellent. There is a popular and lovely beach owned by the town, free to town residents. Golf courses, tennis courts, and other recreational amenities can be found nearby. Trains to and from New York City take about 40 minutes.
This town is located by the oceanside. The school district is good, and Harbor is a beautiful place for recreation and relaxation. Nearby the station you can find a movie theater, galleries, antique shops, and restaurants. Some rental apartments and condominiums are available near the station; elsewhere, avoid very low-lying areas, as the local river occasionally overflows. Trains to and from New York City take about 35 minutes.
Mamaroneck Town HP:
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Rye Neck is similar to Mamaroneck but with a separate, very good-quality school district.
Larchmont is known for Victorian-style homes and mansions built in the 1920s by the wealthy residents, but the town also features excellent waterfront parks. The school district is shared with Mamaroneck. Trains to and from New York City take approximately 35 minutes.
Greenwich, Connecticut
Greenwich is one of the wealthiest towns in the nation. Many financial experts and celebrities live in the area, and Hollywood films have been shot here. Private ocean beaches, golf courses, and many other recreational amenities can be found. Near the Greenwich train station you will find many plenty of luxury shopping. Using Metro North Express train service you can reach New York City in about 1 hour.
 Harlem Line
An upscale residential village located west of Harrison, Scarsdale looks vaguely like Europe with many shops, grocery stores, restaurants, and bars surrounding the station area. The public schools and excellent and real estate is priced accordingly. Trains to and from New York City take approximately 35 minutes.
Edgemont is a small town just west of Scarsdale, with an independent town government and a well-regarded school district. As residents tend to live here long-term, single-family rental homes are in short supply; however, on Route 100, many large supermarkets and shopping malls, as well as townhouses, condominiums, and rental apartments, abound.
Many coops near the station. Definitely a nice environment to live.
A safe and quiet town with great places to enjoy outdoor hobbies, Eastchester has its own golf course, tennis courts, pools, and other recreational amenities.
Bronxville is a small, highly desirable neighborhood. Rents tend toward the upper end of price ranges, but all schools from elementary through high school are located on one campus. Trains to and from New York City take only about 25 minutes.
Tuckahoe is a village in the town of Eastchester with a few high-rise apartment buildings near its train station. Newer duplexes can also be found here. Trains to and from New York City take approximately 35 minutes.
White Plains
White Plains is a city and the county seat of Westchester County. Unlike the other Westchester suburban communities, this is a commercial city where residents enjoy shopping at many department stores and shopping malls. High-rise doorman buildings, luxury condominiums such as a Trump Tower, and many other hotels and service apartments abound. Trains to and from New York City take approximately 35 minutes and several parkways allow easy car access to the city as well.
 Hudson Line
Dobbs Ferry
Situated on the Hudson River, Dobbs Ferry is a beautiful village with excellent public schools. Trains to and from New York City take approximately 40 minutes.
A small village located between Dobbs Ferry and Scarsdale, Ardsley is wealthy and desirable. It’s necessary to take a car or bus about 10 minutes to reach the nearest train station to reach Manhattan.
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  Westchester School Information
  Westchester School Information
Concord Rd. Elementary School (K-4)
Concord Rd.

Middle School (5-8)
700 Ashford Ave.

Ardsley High School (9-12)
300 Farm Rd.

Dobbs Ferry
Springhurst Primary School (K-5)
Walgrove Avenue.

Dobbs Ferry Middle School (6-8)
505 Broadway

Dobbs Ferry High School (9-12)
505 Broadway

Edgewood School (K-5)
1 Roosevelt Pl.

Fox Meadow School (K-5)
59 Brewster Rd.

Greenacres School (K-5)
41 Huntington Ave.

Heathcote School (K-5)
26 Palmer Ave.

Quaker Ridge School (K-5)
125 Weaver St.

Scarsdale Middle School (6-8)
134 Mamaroneck Rd.

Scarsdale Senior High School (9-12)
1057 Post Rd.

Waverly School (K-1)
299 Main St.

Greenvale School (2-5)
Gabriel Rescigno Dr.,

Anne Hutchinson School (2-5)
60 Mill Rd.

Eastchester Middle School (6-8)
550 White Plains Rd.

Eastchester Senior High School (9-12)
Stewart Pl.

Greenville School (K-6)
100 Glendale Rd.,

Seely Place School (K-6)
51 Seely Pl.,

Edgemont Jr./Sr. High School (7-12)
200 White Oak Ln.,

William E. Cottle School (K-5)
2 Siwanoy Blvd.

Tuckahoe Middle School (6-8)
65 Siwanoy Blvd.

Tuckahoe High School (9-12)
65 Siwanoy Blvd.

Bronxville Elementary School (K-5)
177 Pondfield Rd.

Bronxville Middle School (6-8)
177 Pondfield Rd.

Bronxville High School (9-12)
177 Pondfield Rd.

Harrison Ave. Elementary School (K-5)
480 Harrison Ave.

Purchase Elementary School (K-5)
2995 Purchase Street
Parsons Memorial School (K-5)
200 Halstead Ave.

Samuel J. Preston School (K-5)
50 Taylor Ave.
Louis M. Klein Middle School (6-8)
50 Union Ave.

Harrison High School (9-12)
255 Union Ave.

(Mamaroneck / Larchmont)
Central School (K-5)
1100 Palmer Ave.,

Chatsworth Ave. School (K-5)
Forest Park Ave.,

Mamaroneck Ave. School (K-5)
850 Mamaroneck Ave.

Murray Ave. School (K-5)
Murray Ave.,

Hommocks Middle School (6-8)
10 Hommocks Rd.,

Mamaroneck High School (9-12)
1000 W. Boston Post Rd.

Midland School (K-5)
Midland Ave.

Milton School (K-5)
Hewlett St.

Osborn School (K-5)
Osborn Rd.

Rye Middle School (6-8)
3 Parsons St.

Rye High School (9-12)
1 Parsons St.

(Rye Neck)
Daniel Warren Elementary School (K-1)
1310 Harrison Ave.,
F. E. Bellows Elementary School (2-4)
200 Carroll Ave.,

Rye Neck Middle School (5-8)
300 Hornidge Rd.,

Rye Neck Senior High School (9-12)
300 Hornidge Rd.,

  Greenwich School Information

Elementary Schools * K~5th grade *
Cos Cob
300 East Putnam Ave., Cos Cob 06807

33 Riversville Rd., Greenwich 06831

Hamilton Ave.,
Western Jr. Hwy., Greenwich 06830

141 Lowe Cross Rd., Greenwich 06831

Old Greenwich
285 Sound Beach Ave., O.G. 06870

90 Hendrie Ave., Riverside 06878
Julian Curtiss
180 East Elm St., Greenwich 06830

New Lebanon
25 Mead Ave., Greenwich 06830

North Street
381 North St., Greenwich 06830

North Mianus
309 Palmer Hill Rd., Riverside 06878

The international School at Dundee
55 Florence Rd., Riverside 06878
Middle Schools * 6th~8th grade *
9 Indian Rock Lane, Greenwich 06830

51 Hundrie Ave., Riverside 06878
Western Jr. Hwy., Greenwich 06830
High School * 9th~12th grade *
10 Hillside Road Greenwich 06830